Paths to Healing – Testimonials

“Two weeks ago, I received a call from my sister very early in the morning with news that my brother had been taken to the hospital from asphyxiation and was currently unresponsive. Just like that my life stopped. He lives in PA and I in IL, so not only was I far away, but I recently quit my job to start my own business, so my financial situation was not the best and to make matters worse, my car was currently not working either. I felt helpless in a seemingly hopeless situation and it was tearing me apart. So, I reached out to Brittany for help. She told me about the Kundalini Yoga meditation: Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung and explained that it was a mantra for sacred healing from a distance. It is believed to cut through space and time so you can send healing energy to someone many miles away.  She offered to send me several instructional videos to get familiar with the chant, posture and offered to do it with me to magnify the healing whenever I was ready. I had no idea it would have such an amazing impact, not just in healing my brother, but mending the many broken branches in our family tree.

While she pulled the information together for me, she suggested I take some time to do some basic healing meditation on my own. As she instructed, I began the meditation by envisioning that I was in the hospital room with my brother and my family. First I imagined standing beside him and projecting healing light that surrounded him as he fought for his life. As the meditation continued, the light expanded to encompass all those in the room with him, until it spilled over into the hallway of the hospital. I held that for some time and ended with words of love and acceptance for my brother. I came out of it feeling more in control of my inner power, something that can be difficult to tether in tragedies such as these.

Feeling ready to proceed, I opened the instructional video Brittany sent me on the Kundalini Yoga meditation and began. The mudra (hand position) I used first was with my hands on my heart (an intimate centering of the energy within). I did this for 15 minutes, envisioning the healing light as I did while meditating before. Coming out of it, I felt in a way that it is hard to put in to words, but I will try.

Physically, it felt as if I was lighter. There was this sensation that I was no longer fighting against anything, but rather that I had surrendered and become woven into the fabric. And for a short time, it was as if the hairs on my body were acting like antennae radiating static light in all different directions.

Mentally, I felt more in control of the situation (and every other as well). Prior to what happened to my brother, I was already in a state of unraveling it seemed, recently trying to start my own business had left me a bit fearful of what was to come and I no longer felt that. It was clear that in an attempt to heal my brother, I was also healing myself. I was charged up!

I messaged Brittany and let her know that I was ready to do the Ra Ma Sa Sa Say So Hung meditation simultaneously with her (to enhance the healing power) and so we synced up and meditated together for 15 minutes more.

This time, I used the mudra with my hands out to the side to create an arch line of expansion for healing.

Wow! Coming out of it, I felt in a way that is even more difficult to put in to words, but I will again try.

The most notable physical feeling was in my ears. It was almost like a ringing, but not quite. It was like sounds were magnified causing them to echo, but not in the way we normally understand things to echo, it was more like they echoed in my mind, if that makes sense. It lasted 10-15 minutes or so and I wish it would have been longer.

There was this amazing sensation throughout my whole body that echoed peace, power & alignment with the world. I had this overwhelming knowing that my brother wanted to live, that he was fighting to come back to us, I don’t know how I knew, I just knew.

I could not be more thankful to Brittany. She helped me find my center and work towards not just healing my brother, but mending the wounds within the family as well.

Everything fell into place after that. I was able to go see my brother and spend a week with him in the hospital. There were good days and bad days and days where I began doubting whether he would wake up, but with meditation, I squashed them out, re-centered and continued healing. As did he and my family.

The day I left, although he was slowly making progress physically, the doctors were growing more and more concerned about his mental status. He would blink his eyes, shake his head & even squeeze our hands from time to time, but there was no real evidence that there was intent behind these responses.

Every day in the hospital, I held his hand and talked to him as if he could hear us and understand us, because I believed he could…I knew he could.

The day I left to go home, the doctors were still operating as “cautiously optimistic” and so saying goodbye was not easy to say the least. My heart ached so much for him, knowing he must be frightened and confused (something I tried to reassure him about every day).

We were no more than four hours out when my dad called to say, He’s awake! And he is responding with intent to the doctor’s questions. The doctors told my dad that his room is now what they call the happy room in ICU because they are so amazed by his progress. He is not quite strong enough to be taken off the ventilator, but he was awake all day yesterday and is trying to talk now! I feel so very blessed and thankful. ”

– Tiffany Rochelle


”Brittany knows how to get to the other side of a kundalini crisis, and knows how to solve the riddle of yourself as any sort of problem, so you can be free and be yourself.
Brittany has helped me to wake up to the intelligence of my body/mind, which always does a brilliant job given what it has to work with, and helped me to find the way to living at a higher, empowered, happier frequency.  She got me on the right track where so many others could not.  She’s bold, open, honest, insightful, and lovingly cuts right to the core.  It’s been a pleasure to work with her doing my healing work.
She knows what nails it so you can stop wasting your time trying things that don’t completely work.”



” Working with Brittany is an absolute dream. I knew that something was off in my life, but didn’t know how to get myself on the path to living the life I knew I was meant for. Brittany is able to take what I share with her about what I’m currently going through to create a yoga and meditation practice tailored to exactly what I needed. She makes herself completely available to me if I need any help along the way, and makes a point to check in with me routinely. In the matter of just short of six weeks I felt the fog of heavy thoughts in my mind clear, the emotional and physical tension dissipate, and a true gratefulness for life start to fill the newly cleared space. Brittany provides me with the guidance I need while also giving me the space to find my own way, and that is so important in this journey. It is so clear that Brittany has dedicated her life to gaining a deep understanding of what it truly means to be a human, and her wealth of knowledge is invaluable. I would trust Brittany with guiding my closest friends and family to finding that true, meaningful, and vibrant connection with their life. The gift that Brittany has given me through her own place of understanding is something I will always be so grateful for.”  


“Working with Brittany was a surreal experience. I contacted her smack in the middle of 2020. I was dealing with a lot of fears and anxiety that had its roots in early childhood but were manifesting again during the pandemic in a big way. I decided that I was going to deal with them once and for all. So after chatting with Brittany,  we decided on a plan that included a forty day meditation practice and weekly phone calls. 

 Many different topics came up during our chats and Brittany helped me with them all! She introduced me to many different tools and concepts that were extremely helpful and that I still use today. The meditation practice that she prescribed me was very specific, simple to do and I think was the most necessary component to my healing. At the end of the 40 days, my fears were completely gone. In their place was a sense of personal power and faith that things are always working out for me. It was Amazing! It was a very emotional journey and Brittany was always available any time I needed to talk. 

We worked together for a second month and then we parted ways. She gave me an open invitation to work together again in the future and I hope we do! One thing that I really loved about her is that she didn’t try to keep me “on the line” like some other life coaches do. Some coaches make you feel like you will never reach their level of enlightenment or abundance and therefore will always need them. Brittany isn’t like that. She understands that everyones journey is unique and that her role is just to help be a guide not a guru.

 I still continue the meditation practice and the tools that she taught me. It’s been a roller coaster of a year but I still have the inner peace that achieved during my time working with Brittany. The months that followed our work together were pure magic: I found the path that I needed to heal my body, found the answers to long standing questions, we bought a house (which was a long time goal) and found the perfect puppy for our family (another long time desire).  My choice to work with Brittany ended up being the one thing that turned my life in the right direction and brought real abundance into my life. I know that I’ll always be on the healing journey but now I can enjoy living too!”